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Hello. Welcome to my Happy Blog! I'm a Student - Visual Artist - Photographer. (And I'm dreaming to become a tattoo artist soon.)

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Rain, Rain.

I love the rain because it isn't so hot when it rains.
I love the rain because it's nice to sleep when it rains.
I love the rain because the plants are alive (whut?) when it rains.
But I don't like the rain now. It's been raining for the past I-don't-know-how-many weeks already. Come on heavens, please clear up during the night. Tomorrow at least, if we're going to Rizal for a swim. ;_; Let me start shooting my thesis nao, please. D:

So, it's been raining. And I'm stuck inside the house. I don't have any money. And I forgot that today is the 30th, and Ja and I were supposed to meet up at Trinoma. A movie date for the brokenhearted (NGEK!) and maybe a cup of coffee or two. Or ice cream. Whichever. Buuuut, it's raining, I don't have money, and I don't think our plan's going to push through. Better luck next time.

So, yes, I am stuck at home. I better make the best out of it. I'm going to log off after this blog entry. Will go make Egg Sandwich for Mom, and bake a cake or cookies or brownies after that.

My sister's boyfriend's coming over AGAIN. Not that I'm complaining, I hardly notice him when he's here. That's it, he doesn't converse much nor move around. He sits in one place, most of the time in front of the computer with my sister. All they do is play Pet Society on Facebook. No conversations (at least audible ones that I can comprehend). The helpers are teasing her behind her back. Turns out that she was teasing me and saying bad things about my ex. The helpers said Karma bit her now. (insert evil laugh here) Beaver. That what they called him during high school. And now the helpers are calling him Monggo. Short for Mongoloid. Mean. (insert evil laugh here)
(insert evil laugh here)
(insert evil laugh here)
(insert evil laugh here)

Ate can be cruel sometimes. A big bully. That's what she is. >:3

Okay. Ate's off to cook.

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Rain rain rain.

It's finally raining. <3 

Monday~ Bombee, Jihan, Pabs and Terens came over. Ate maki and sushi and shanghai rolls and choco cappuccino mousse for lunch. Played Guitar Hero, a bit of Tekken and Naruto and Bust a Groove, and more Guitar Hero. 

Naks. Fast learner raw si bombee. Nag-eexpert na. 

RJ also dropped by to meet with Bombee. 

Ate Pizza and Charlie Chan Pasta for mirienda. yum yum!

Why am I always hanging out with boys? I need to hang out with girls. :\


Nica didn't make it. She was doing something for her dad (I think.) And I was looking forward in hanging out with her. D: Sabi niya sa Thursday nalang bago siya umuwi galing sa sleepover/inuman nila.

Bombee! Inom samin a. :D Dito lang naman ako pinapayagan uminom. hahaha. Dun tayo sa garden sa tapat. :D

I've too anti-social here at home. I miss friends already. :\

Aizel and Edric were supposed to hang out with me today. But hell broke loose again. Bumaha dito sa bahay sa lakas ng ulan. 

P.S. Di ako umiinom. Paunti unti lang ha. Pero nacucurious ako kung totoo bang dugo ng tatay ko ang dumadaloy sa mga ugat ko. Eww. Ayoko. Isa pa, baka mamatay nalang ako bigla hahahaha.

NICA. Do visit me. CHB. <3

Angel (Monzon)'s going to come over on Friday. We will be attempting to save her files from her mac. :\ Back up everything on my mac. I do hope we get it right. D:



Hello Blogspot!

Hello Blogspot. I'm here now because of Nica. Hooray.

I know, I know. I just created a newer blog in LiveJournal a few months ago. Its memories were too much of angst and anger and pain and sadness. It was supposed to be a happy blog, turned out a rant blog. hmu~. So here I am. Blogspot. Hi. Hello. Writing my first blog entry. 

I know, it sucks. Forgive me.

So anyway. Over the past few days/weeks, I've been chatting with Nica and Jihan and a lot of adtu people. Mostly on Plurk tho. But Nica and I have been talking so much in Y!M. And it's fun. And happy. :D And joy. And joyness. XD lah. Nica's officially my CyberHyperBuddy and EurekaFriend. :D Fun fun fun. 

Oh, which reminds me. They'll come over on Monday. :D Yay. Sushi and Sashimi and Lumpiang Shanghai and lots of ice cold Coca Cola. I hope it wouldn't be as hot as hell. :| I hope it rains. Rain real hard. Bring in the wind. Please? Because everytime people come over, it does rain. I wish it would on Monday.

Okay. Sabaw na. :\ My internet's dying on me again.

Hello again, sleepless night. Can you please give me back my sleep? :\