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Hello. Welcome to my Happy Blog! I'm a Student - Visual Artist - Photographer. (And I'm dreaming to become a tattoo artist soon.)

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My heart whispers again.


I experienced heart murmurs again this afternoon when I went down from the car to enter the BDO across St. Paul University QC. I really hate that feeling.

Anyway. Mom and I went to CCP this morning to view the exhibit by the 13 Young Artists for my Esthetics/Aesthetics class. I enjoyed it very much, really. (I wanted to take home a plastic black mouse from bVen's installation art. hee hee hee) Really. GO THERE. <3

Anyway, after that, mom and I went to SM Mall of Asia for lunch. We have been craving for an El Pollo Loco for the longest time. The only El Pollo Loco branches that I know of are in SMmoa and SM megamall. The one in SM North's gone. Gaaaah. Bring it baaaack. ;_;

Also got my kitten from Billie Jean. Met up with (or drove to) her at SM Sta. Mesa. Wheeeee~ <3>

Heart, please stops murmuring. Beat normally again. I know I'm just too stressed up and tired lately. But pleeeease. T_T


You know what. I should be sleeping right now. I have a 7am class later (but my professor comes at around 8am), a few unfinished plates and some unprinted documents. Guess what I'm doing right now. I'm in the LivingSocial app on Facebook doing the pick your five. *closes Facebook tab on Safari*

I should start fixing myself up to the way I was before. Seriously. This cannot go on.

Oh, by the way. Jihan was here this afternoon. We were supposed to work, but ended up talking instead of working. We still worked, but we really didn't finish anything. Oh well. I still have an unfinished TXD plate, a non-existent VMA plate, unprinted documents for thesis, and I lack sleep. Greaaat. The good side? Bibi made me my very own emoticon.



Anyway. I should be off to bed now. Time check, 1:47am. Must wake up at 4:30 (because it takes me about an hour to get ready, and half an hour to eat. AND I HAVEN'T FIXED MY THINGS JUST YET.)


I need to fix my life. Wag na dapat tamarin. Kung kelan huling taon na (hopefully), dun pa tinatamad.

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I'm losing hope in myself.

Nothing right now is summing up the right way.

Goodluck. I wish I get my confidence back soon.

Goodnight too. I have to wake up early to text Ma'am Nady to inform her about me disturbing her class to get my survey questions and pass my revised chapter 1 and letter draft.

God. Help me. >_<

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Hello, blog. How are you? I'm sorry I haven't written anything great about my life, because really, nothing great is happening. 

I've gotten busier and busier by the day. And my mood isn't helping. Come on. I need a little push here. Someone, please, inspire me. I've been so idle and lazy and I don't seem to let out the motivation I once had for school. Come on, it's my final year (hopefully) in school, and what, this is my laziest times ever. I just want to sleep. And rest. And go out. HAVE FUN. I haven't had much fun lately. I'm also sad most of the time. Come oooon. I HAVE TO STOP THIIIIS >_< 

I'm just way too distracted. And I'm too disoriented. For the past few days, (if anyone has even noticed) I've been to shaky and nervous and jumpy. What is so wrong with meeeee. D:

Anyway. I've been hooked up with fortune telling.
I. am. officially. weird. 

Weird and Wonderful. That's it. Optimism come to meeeeeeee. 

Weird and Wonderful.
Weird and Wonderful.
Weird and Wonderful.

I must get back to my Thesis writing.

Weird and Wonderful.
Weird and Wonderful.
Weird and Wonderful.
Weird and Wonderful.
Weird and Wonderful.
Weird and Wonderful.
Weird and Wonderful.
Weird and Wonderful.
Weird and Wonderful.
Weird and Wonderful.
Weird and Wonderful.


Say it if you mean it.

If you don't,

Don't say it.

If you don't say nothing at all,
you'll make this heart break.

Say it if you mean it. If you don't, don't say it.

I let my guard down for you.


What was I thinking?

No. I do not want to go back with you.

And yes, I do remember how lame you were. That you never even took me out for a date. Kung date yung sinamahan kita sa UST, hindi parin. Bahala ka.

Jihan. I promise. I won't. 

God. Desperation kicking in. No. Please. No.



This can't be happening. Seriously. TINATAMAD NA AKO. >_<

Hi. I'm reg. 
If you've known me for the past 3 years, at least, you would definitely know that I'm not THAT lazy. I'm DEFINITELY not THIS lazy. But alas, I am lazy now. I have lots due this week. There's my TXD waiting for me to finish it (I have only finished one box out of six.) And there's the VMA plate I have to do with Khan (and I told him that we'd do it on Tuesday instead of tomorrow.) Ohai thar Thesis. I almost forgot about you. You've been staring and waiting since Friday. 

I can not believe that I doing this to myself. 

Sure, I can be lazy at times. But not this lazy that I'm even blogging about it and planning to go to bed after this update. Great. Maybe because I miss my friends. Billie Jean, Aizel, Colleen, they've always been around and we always help each other out. Well, I'm always around Billie Jean and we're the helping buddies. And Oomph buddies (with Paul.)



Gusto ko nalang manghula ng manghula. I guess I'll take a peak at my reading before I go to bed. I feel so restless about someone.

Oh God.

FOUR YEARS. It's been four years already. I thought I forgot about you. You and your silly self. How you made me happy. How we were like together. How we were against the world.

Remember how I almost lost my best friend because she were jealous of you and because that b*tch fed her mind with silly stories that I was never going to talk to her because I had you. How we tried to gain her back.

Remember how you improved that school year when we were together. Where you realized you really did love math. How you loved to show off in front of our Physics teacher, Ms. Carbonera. 

God. Why am I remembering everything all of the sudden. 

And it feels different to remember them. 

I guess I still do have feelings for you now. Too bad it's all too late. I don't know if I should even try to regain our friendship. You WERE my first. Boyfriend. Guy best friend. The first one I cried my heart out for. 

I kinda hated it when you showed up in the cards. I didn't know it was you. Bing said "may isa pa na malapit sayo na lamang sa kaputian kesa dun sa isa." And when I got home and got online, you buzzed me in my YM and asked how I was. COINCIDENCE? I do not know. But you were there. We were talking. And what, you were insisting to know if I had a boyfriend right now. If I liked someone right now. Why I don't have a boyfriend right now. Why I broke up with my ex. I guess it's just like you to ask stuff like that. I don't know. Last time I saw you, it was the battle of the bands in our high school. You watched. You went there. Why? To see me?

Goodness gracious. 

I don't even understand why I'm trying to analyze everything now.


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