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Hello. Welcome to my Happy Blog! I'm a Student - Visual Artist - Photographer. (And I'm dreaming to become a tattoo artist soon.)

MORE Tattoos
Tattoo machine (with power source.
Custom tattoo machine
My very own room!
My own studio.
New lens for my 50D.
Beats by Dr Dre ( I will forever love you if you'd give me one ♥ )
Snow Leopard upgrade
guitar hero buddy
Trip to Germany + ticket to Oomph's concert.
Trip to wherever Muse will play

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Words from Before It's Too Late by Goo Goo Dolls.


I planned to get my tattoo done today.

But my plans don't work out most of the time.

Turns out my design looks like a logo for a Chinese restaurant. Great. I'm revising it though. But I want it done ASAP. Before my birthday. Sigh. I only have half of the amount in my hands right now. P500 will be sponsored by a friend. so.. P1,500 to go. Let's do this, baby. I have a week to save up that amount. Of course, I'm open to donations. Any amount will do. HAHAHAHA.

Sorry. Adik lang. Kating kating kating kating kating kating kating kating kating kating kating kating kating kating kating kating kating kating kating kating kating kating kating kati na ko. Gusto ko na magpa-tattoo. Grabe na to. Malapit ko nang sugatan sarili ko at buhusan ng tinta. HAHAHAHA.


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birthday's coming up! 

I would love you forever if you gave me one of these:


Guitar Hero World Tour set. 


Guitar Hero 5

External HDD, 500GB

Bananalicious Pie from Conti's


Dutdutan Pass (before my birthday pleeease)

Black eye liner pencil or stick


A new iPod or Philips GoGear

OR, donate any amount of money for my tattoo, please? XD

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Hello blog. I just came home from our retreat. It was fun! But I'm too lazy to write about it. 

Basta. I feel so blessed right now that I have finally closed some shitty parts of my life. :)

Friends, (ad1 and new friends and loves) thank you.:)

I'm going to weigh in today. Parang tumaba nanaman ako sa retreat na yun.  

Day 1
early lunch at Jollibee
arrival at caleruega, orientation
konting session
konting session
konting session

Day 2
konting session
konting session
konting session
konting session
konting session 

Day 3

uwi <3

See. KAIN-TULOG-KAIN-TULOG. Buhay baboy. Pero ang sarap dun, grabe. I wanna go back. :(

I met a lot of new people during the retreat. Father Stephen had his version of the Monk's meal. Pero naging getting to know you session yun.

Oh, oh, oh. Everything I need to know in life, I learned in Kindergarten! 


Santorini? :3

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Went out today for my thesis interviews. 

My mother went with me. But before my thesis errands, Mom and I went to Stella Maris to visit her teacher, Sister Anne. She's 70something, but she has something in her that makes me so fond of her. She's like an excited kid when she talks about stuff. And she's really kind. It was nice to meet her. *u* 

Well, after that, we were off to Katipunan. Ate lunch first at Flaming wings. Too full to have their wicked oreos for dessert. We went to Sin City Tattoos after eating. Miah was alone in the shop. No Joey P and no Totoy around. There were UP kids there too. Guessing they're freshies or sophs. Well, anyway, I got to interview Miah. Joey called up and told Miah that he wasn't going to make it in today. His.. son(?) had an accident. Pricked his eye. :( (I hope it isn't anything serious..) Miah told me to email the questions to him and he'll have Joey and Totoy answer 'em for me. MIAH I LOVE YOU (but I do not love you. LOL) 

After our business in Katips, Mom and I went to Cubao. Parked at Araneta and went to Tatay Nero's shop. He was so amazing. A true artist. He tattoos because he loves art and he sees tattoos as an art form more precious than the paintings we can hang on our walls. He let me interview him, but he kinda gave me a test before he approved of my request that he'd be in my book. Well, I answered him correctly (and I didn't even get to finish my answer). I feel so.. special today. XD Like everything that's happening is really meant for me. XD PLUS *I think* Mom approved of the idea of me wanting to get a tattoo (and I think she wants one, too.)

Wheeeee. <3 

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Jay Tablante WORSHIP

Friday afternoon.

Went to Makati with Bing, Nica S. and Dino to meet up with Jay Tablante. It was also Mia's birthday ( cheers! ), so Bing and Nica S. went to her small gathering at Balay before we left. Dino and I stayed in the Library to waste time. Left at around 3:30pm. 

We didn't know where the place was exactly. We only knew that it was along Pasong Tamo, beside a UCPB bank, and in front of PDIC. Soooo. When we reached Pasong Tamo, I saw a UCPB branch. We left the cab, then saw that it wasn't THE UCPB branch we were to look out for. So we walked for about... I don't know how many blocks that were. Prolly 4-6 blocks. I'm not sure. I forgot that it was near Don Bosco. We got there at 5pm, photo finish, before Jay Tablante. PLUS, I sprained my left ankle. Dalawang beses kasing nahulog sa taenang lubak na yan. Ang landi kasi ng sapatos ko diba. 
Sir Jay didn't arrive for the next hour. Guess he got stuck in traffic. When he arrived, he immediately set up and told us to come inside the studio. THE INTERVIEW WAS MORE THAN TERRIFIC. It wasn't formal. In fact, he was even drinking beer, for Pete's sake. And his words were magical. Naks. Biased. What he said was very helpful. And I felt really, really inspired after the shoot. 

I think I would like to train under his guidance after graduation.


Anyway, after that, we headed to Glorietta to grab something to eat. Nainggit kami sa pizza nung shoot. We wanted to have pizza, but ended up eating at BK because it was getting late. Galit-galit lang habang kumakain. HAHAHA.

Then we went home. Round trip. Makati-Taft-Trinoma. Wheeeeee~ <3

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I'm zoooo egzitid.

I'm going to meet up with Mr. Jay Tablante later this afternoon for an interview session for my thesis. Joy. :3 I have to go to school first till 2. And I'm still hoping for class suspension lol.

Will update prolly later tonight.. or tomorrow. Bahala na. hahaha

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Okay. Kahit gano ako sakitin, MAHAL PARIN KATAWAN KO HAHAHAHA.

Labo. XD

Must post something better soon.