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Hello. Welcome to my Happy Blog! I'm a Student - Visual Artist - Photographer. (And I'm dreaming to become a tattoo artist soon.)

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Tattoo machine (with power source.
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My very own room!
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New lens for my 50D.
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Trip to Germany + ticket to Oomph's concert.
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Words from Before It's Too Late by Goo Goo Dolls.

Today's update.

Hello world. Hello blog. It's been a while.

I really shouldn't be blogging right now because I have tons of stuff to do. My compo painting, thesis survey questionnaire and interview questions, plus I have to study for PGC. Naman o. Paimportante pa tong PGC na to. >_<

Anyhoo~ Although I've been pretty much.. well, really busy lately, I'm enjoying at least half of what I'm doing. Except for PGC. lols~ I'm enjoying TXD because I enjoying making pretty patterns (HAHAHAHA). And yes. I do enjoy doing my thesis. :3 But I still need someone to teach me stuff about studio photography and lighting. And people with tattoos that have great stories behind them, please message me up! 

Sigh. School's been fun and all, but I'm sick again. :| Come on. It hasn't been a month since I was last sick, and I'm sick again. 



I miss my old friends.

I miss being in the same class with them. 

I miss Bijo. The intellectual conversations. The accurate feelings for what's bound to happen. The random Oomph conversations. 

I miss Col. I miss how silly she is. How forgetful she is. How I always remind her to do what she has to. And in turn, for her to remind me what I should do. :( I miss how she forgets that I'm not Chinese and I do not understand any Chinese.

I miss Rani. The quietness around her. How shocking it was to know that she was lazy last sem.

I miss Esdi. How loud her voice can get. How she would suddenly sing. How she would be like an annoying big sister who cares for you so much. 

I miss Eunice. How she bullies me. How I bully her. How she'd bring tea everytime she had her period. How she always draws pretty drawings.

I miss Stephen and his techy knowledge and facts. I miss his unending theories of the universe and the possibilities that lie ahead. His knowledge about pokemon and everything else there is to exist in his vast imagination.

I miss Paul. His obsession with toys and games. His evil scheme to save up for his new toy. Or book. Or comic. Whatever there is that would amuse him. I miss how he'd play Oomph songs for Bijo and I. How random our conversations were. 

I miss Ben. His theories on life, God, and the afterlife. I miss his messy hair. I miss his artistic style. I miss how forgetful and confusing he could be.  Benben. My bully buddy. Ben's being around and about, as Bijo told me. 



Dota Clan. Chinese Society. Friends. I MISS YOU. D:



Yuh. I remember. I promised to love my thesis. To take care of my thesis. To have that till-death-do-us-part vow to my thesis. THESIS. It's sinking in more and more and more each day.

I need help. 
If you have tattoos, or if you know someone who has tattoos, especially tattoos that have a really interesting story behind it, please contact me. (ym: regsulit, email: regsulit@rocketmail.com)

And if you're a photographer and you know how to deal with studio lights, PLEASE ADOPT ME FOR A FEW LESSONS. *cry*


THIS IS IT. Thesis.

Today's my first AD5 meeting with my adviser, Ma'am Nady Nacario. Dundundunduuuuun. She asked us to have our topics written on a piece of paper for her approval. So there. I wrote Astrophotography, Lightning Photography and Animal Portraiture. She didn't pick anything. She said that Lightning photography was too broad and Astrophotography was not possible. She's right. How can I do a thesis on Astrophotography when it's raining and all. So I had to think of other topics I could do. She then mentioned about Advertising Photography and tying up with companies and do photography jobs for them. I wrote Advertising photography for Napoli Pizzeria and Creamline Ice Cream. But I still needed one more topic to suggest. I really didn't want to do food photography for my thesis. Then I remembered. The thesis I was planning to do since last semester. TATTOOS. A coffeetable book on tattoos and the stories behind them. I was actually scared to put in on my list of possible thesis titles, but I still did. I had to risk it. AND MY ADVISER PICKED IT.


Thesis is sinking in now. Must contact Miah and the Sin City Tattoo shop ASAP.


Yesterday was Angel and Bombee's birthday. I was invited to both their parties. Fun. :3

Angel's surprise party

Original Plan:

11am. Meet at Trinoma. Have lunch and finish up Angel's surprise gift. A pop-up box with drawings of us inside. 

2pm. Leave Trinoma. 

3pm. Arrive at Angel's place. Ja will go up and leave the box on the Ramos' doorstep and knock, run down and hide with all of us. 

What really happened:

I was talking to Colleen the night before. She said she didn't have anything to give to Angel. We planned to meet at Trinoma at 10am so she could buy a gift for Angel. We were going to meet up earlier too because we were planning to get pierced. I woke up at 8am to finish up my contribution to the surprise and got ready. I texted Colleen at 9:45 to ask where she is. She was still home. I told her that we'd meet up at 10:30 instead. I told her to text me when she's along West Ave. so I could start commuting. Ten minutes before 10:30, I asked where she is. She didn't know, but she said she thinks she's near. I texted Ja too to check where she was. She said she'll be arriving Trinoma in a few minutes, so I went ahead. (I'm sorry friends. I don't like waiting for people. XD)

I arrived at Trinoma (and the taxi driver was.. weird, anyway.) Met up with Ja at the foodcourt (Ja, siga as alaways.) We waited for the others. We ate lunch and waited some more. We started to work on the surprise, then this creepy guy who was walking by our table saw what we were doing, passed us, and came back to look. LOL. Great. 

Ja began to feel tense. She really didn't like going behind schedule. We eventually finished the surprise, and left Trinoma before 3 (an hour behind plan. XD) We headed to Gateway to pick-up our callgay Hanna. (Bakla mo, Hanna. May pa-contacts-contacts ka pang nalalaman. At drama na scolio LOL)

Arrived at Angel's place. I lost track of time then. Ja and Edric went up to leave the surprise on Angel's doorstep. They knocked and ran down. Grabe, Angel. Ang tagal mo bago buksan yung pintuan at marealize na andito na kami.

Had fun. Loved the baked patatas. <3>

It was around 8:30 that Ja dropped us at the Ayala station. The line to buy passes was so long. We decided to just ride a bus. Mark, Aizel, Edric, Hanna, Stephen, Rusty and I went together. Colleen and Jay went to ride another bus. They were headed to Espana. 

Yay. Second bus ride to somewhere. 

Hanna went off at Megamall, Rusty at Cubao, and Stephen at Quezon Avenue.

Bombee didn't know Mark and Edric were with me. When we arrived as SM North, Edric accompanied Aizel to the FX line. Mark and I waited in line for a cab. Ang aarte ng mga drivers. Namimili. We eventually rode a cab to Bombee's village. Mark said I should go ahead of them and tell Bombee that there are guys on the corner that look scary. "Sabihin mo sinusutsutan ka. Siguradong susugod yun." I told that to Bombee. Di naman siya sumugod. XD I told Jihan that Mark and Edric were waiting. She dragged Bombee. Bombee said, "Alam ko na ata yung surprise mo. Malaking bolang maitim ba yan na may maingay na bibig? At baklang intsik?" LOL. That was around 10:30pm.

Hanged out at Bombee's place till 12:15 then my parents picked me up. Jihan went with us and we dropped her home. Jihan's scared of my dad. XD

There. Happy Birthday, guys. I hope you liked my gifts to youuuu~. <3

Sorry. No pictures. Was lazy to bring my camera with me.

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Laugh. Laugh.

I can laugh about it now. You've done a great deal of damage on me. But what you're doing isn't working the way it did, because I have my friends to help me realize that my life and happiness does not equate from what people do or say. 

You don't even know me.


Mark. Ja. Angel. Esdi. Edric. Bombee. Jihan. Nica. Sir Vitug. Emman.

Thank you for being there.

Thank you for waking me up.

I won't go there anymore. Thank you. :)


Nica. Aizel. Ja. Jihan.

We have a deal.