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Hello. Welcome to my Happy Blog! I'm a Student - Visual Artist - Photographer. (And I'm dreaming to become a tattoo artist soon.)

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My very own room!
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New lens for my 50D.
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Hello blog.

I haven't posted anything decent. I'm just too busy to do anything I want right now. It sucks and it's awfully very frustrating. I'm beginning to feel the weight of how tiring the last semester was, and this sembreak is soooo not enough for thesis work and rest. 

Monday this week, I went to hunt for cloth to use as my background for my humble "studio" (which is really half of our living room. Sorry dad. I have to.) Luckily, Ate Letty (our helper) knows where to buy what I need. Lucky us, we bought what I needed at Tandang Sora and at SM. I was too lazy and tired to go to Divisoria. I got Ria (Caringal) to come over for a practice shoot in the afternoon. Really tiring but fun. I love my lights. 

Tuesday, I met up with Maiah and Mara (Hererra) at Trinoma for lunch. Mara's also my model for my thesis. I love her tattoos.( I LOVE HER. She's my role model hahahahaha! :"3) Then the U.B.E. session over vodka. Ooooh The Bar apple vodka. I am in love with yooooou. <3

Wednesday, I went out with Nica, Jompy, Macci, Luwii, Pabs and Joms. Met up at Circle C with Luwii before going to Trinoma to meet up with the others.  Bombee and Jihan had to meet up with Amang Vitug, ayan tuloy di nakasama sa Mister Kabab. :( After dinner, we went to Joms' place. Macci needed to borrow Joms' Photoshop installer. Fail. Macci uses Mac and Joms uses Windows. XD ANG CUTE NI BRUCE! We went to my place after our short tambay. Ang cute din ng house ni Joms. XD

Thursday, tambay day with Ja and Mark. Ria went too. Photoshoot! (And excessive PDA care of Mark and Ja.) Photoshoot = Prenup. LOL

Hello sembreak. I have so much to do. And I'm tired. :(



A week more then the semester's done.  (and I pray to God that all my grades will be.. well.) 

Hello thesis. I'll deal with you this sembreak. I need to go back to Las Piñas and shoot Joseph Sinio at work. Then I have to go see sir Myke and his team at P & P Tattoos, Makati. And of course, I have to go to Miah's shop over at Katipunan. (Miah, please reply to my messages. ;_;) And Tatay Nero. I'll be over at his shop more often. (and hope to start apprenticeship soon.) 

Who wants to go with me when I go visit shops? :3 pleeease? :3

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When you're no longer a virgin.

Hello Blog. I got inked yesterday. 

Oh skin. My beloved skin. You are no longer a virgin. And you look prettier than ever. Please don't be addicted to the sensation of being inked. We will get more soon, I promise. But not too soon. We don't want to lose precious ink space for new art. We'll get inked as soon as I graduate. We'll go back to Tatay Nero and get inked again. I PROMISE <3