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Hello. Welcome to my Happy Blog! I'm a Student - Visual Artist - Photographer. (And I'm dreaming to become a tattoo artist soon.)

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Hellooooo blog update!

There's really nothing to write about. Except that I've officially graduated aaaaand I don't think it's such a big deal concerning my emotions. I feel that I'm still going to see everyone every now and then. No need to fuzz or cry about it. And the fact that I am officially a creative bum (yes, even my creativity is bumming around right now), isn't sinking in much. I am doing an animation thingy for Kim, my childhood best friend (which I am definitely too lazy to do atm. I'm playing Bejeweled 2 for at least half the day already lol) and it's Holy Week. And the fact that there's nothing exciting in my life (at the moment and/or in the past) gives me absolutely nothing to write about. 

I am living an awfully average life with extra boringness. The only exciting thing happening, if you could consider it exciting, are my weekly trips to the doctor. I had a Chest Xray done a couple of weeks ago, together with an ECG, 2D heart echo, doppler and color flow analysis for my heart and thyroid blood tests (because it runs in the family). I hated the heart tests because it really did make me feel very violated. (My poor bowbs got squished by the thingyyyy ;A; TMI.) But turns out every thing's perfectly fine, and it's all in my head. Must be going mad. 

What are my plans this summer? Vacation. I wanna go to the beach. And to places where I can take pretty pictures. I need a job too. Goodbye allowance. Checked my wallet and I have absolutely nothing. Just a few coins and a few bills, and after I spend it, I'm below the poverty line. At least I can get to learn how to drive next week (hopefully.) I'm also trying to stay away from the internet as much as I can for a week or two. But here I am, playing bejeweled 2, chatting with a few friends, my YM in invi, my facebook open, my plurk open (and I'm not plurking anything) and I'm still not doing Kim's animation. Great. Gotta get the last one done asap. 

Oh oh, grad party on Easter Sunday. If you can go, please come over. :3


I feel so left out. I want to cry. I need to let this out but I can't seem to find the... tears to.. cry it all out.

Maybe I'm just tired. But how could I be tired? I've been stuck at home doing nothing for the past few days. And when I do go out, I go out with friends.

Oh right. That's it. I'm tired of seeing the same scenario over and over and over again. It really isn't their fault. It's me. I'm too bitter about a few things that I hurt myself when I see it happening in front of me. 

I need to cry this out. It's too frustrating.

Sorry happy blog. I just need to let this out.



I was watching the Bucket List this afternoon, but I only got to see the later part. I haven't watched the whole movie, but it made me cry again. Weird, I always start from the part when they were in Egypt. The part when the story of how you can go to heaven according to the Egyptians. They said the gods will ask you two things:
Have you found joy in your life?
Have you brought joy to others?

So, I was thinking about life. Pag si Ben Reyna kasi ang kausap mo, ang sarap pagusapan ang buhay at kung ano anong pilosopikal. Naisip ko lang na kahit gano mo kagusto na mapasaya ang isang tao, hindi rin siya magiging masaya hanggat hindi ka niya hinahayaan na pasayahin siya. At para mangyari yun, kailangan niya buksan sarili niya para sayo. Ang tanong, kaya mo ba na magtiyaga? Mahirap diba. Tao lang tayo at mapapagod rin. Pero wag mo isasara ang sarili mo sa mga posibilidad. Anything can happen at any given time or opportunity. Ang kailangan mo lang gawin ay ang maghintay. At ibig rin nun sabihin, wag kang maging one time big time. Magbigay ka pero paunti unti, para hindi ka rin mapagod, para pag kailangan ka na talaga nung taong yun, may kaya ka pang ibigay, at sa oras na mangyari yun, may matatanggap ka rin na kaligayahan. :)

Naisip ko lang din na sa totoong buhay, konti lang talaga ang tunay na kaibigan. Sabi nga nila ang hirap nang magtiwala. Pero dapat ka bang wag nang magtiwala? Hindi. Kasi baka ikaw pa yung maging blessing sa tao na yun para magsimula sila na magtiwala rin sa iba.

At isa pa pala, pag naisip mo na mahirap ang isang bagay, dun ka na titigil na gumawa ng paraan. Kaya wag mong iisipin na mahirap ang buhay. Kasi titilig ka talaga.

(Ayihee, si ben happy sa lablayp. Ayihee. xD)

Tomorrow's my official last day in school. But I'll be going to school (or somewhere else) for the sake of moolah. (Dad, sorry. Huling allowance ko na to e lawl.) Soooo.. Who wants to go out this week? Monday, I'll be spending time with Nica-Bi till evening. Tuesday, I'll go visit Ma'am Nady then movie with Bijo and Rani (who else wants to come? :3), Wednesday, I have a pending get together with highschool friends. Thursday, I'll prolly drink with Kim and Kitt, and Friday, I think Kim and I are going out. Wednesday's still not sure. Anyoooone? It's dad's birthday on the 15th, so baka may inuman rin. Hahahay. 

I forgot, I have an appointment with our doctor on Saturday concerning my ECG and xray results. (Saturday rin yung party ni dad. :3)

Helloooo summerrrrr. I want to go to the beach. Someone take me to the beeeach :(


I just came home from a random day with Kim and Kitt. It was fun. Awesome. 

  • Kim and Kitt kidnapped me from UST
  • Headed to SM North Edsa
  • Early dinner at Amici
  • Kitt: "Baby do you want some ice?" Kim: "Sure babe." Kitt: *gets ice from freezer* Me: "Dun dun dududun dun dun dun." Kim: "ICE ICE BABY! Dun dun dududun dun dun dun~"
  • Evil plannnnnnnsssss
  • Walked around a bit at the Sky Garden
  • Desert at.. What's that gelato shop again? XD Art..what? Lame. XD
  • LOL'd at Kitt and Kim. Fun. 
  • TMI.
  • TMI.
  • TMI.
  • LOL some more
  • Got a (potential) job from Kim. Payment = TATTOO <3
  • LOL'd more
  • Kim bought me mini cupcakes from Blushing Cupcakes
  • Saw Rosette before heading home
  • Kim and Kitt dropped me home

E kasi. Sa totoo lang, yung in betweens di ko na maalala. Pano ba kasi, tawa nalang ako ng tawa. 

I don't remember the last time I had fun. Thanks Kimibabe and Kitt. I <3 you very much. :3

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