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Hello. Welcome to my Happy Blog! I'm a Student - Visual Artist - Photographer. (And I'm dreaming to become a tattoo artist soon.)

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Happiness, huh?


Good thing I have my friends around to save me and bring me back to sanity.

Thank you Nica, Jihan. Colleen. Esdi. Ja. Angel.

Thanks for that meal at Conti's. Pasta was yummy. Bananalicious cake was great.

The laughs are always great to have. Keeps me from breaking apart. 

How you talk and joke about me. Thank you too. Keeps me sane and it makes me happy.

Thank you, friends. :)

One day I'll fly away.

This will be a very random post. It's sooo hot today and I'm really, really bored. 

My laptop's getting hot too. It's burning my thighs.

It's really lonely without Nica and the others around. They're still in Adtu's outing.  Buti pa sila, masaya dun. Ako, alone dito. Boohoo. hahaha emo amputek.

Anyhoo. Found out that Youniverse is now directly linked in Facebook. I got another account from my facebook and I took the tests again. And the results aren't anything like what I had a few months back (when I was still together with Jason lulz.)

Okay. I'm really bored. Help me please. D:

Yay widgets.

Youniverse Mind TestYouniverse Mind Test

Youniverse Mind TestYouniverse Mind Test

Undo please.

Went to Malolos, Bulacan yesterday. Dad's office had a summer outing at Paradise resort. They rented a pool for themselves. My sisters and I got to lap and now my legs hurt. I'm awfully out of shape and it's been years since I last swam and lapped. Fail. I don't know how to swim anymore. Undo please. I wish I continued swimming. But that's done.

Nica and I were still talking about my previous blog post. She once had a cheesy notebook that contained questions and.. stuff. 

Nica. Tipo kong lalaki? Wala na, na-figure out na natin. Wag na tayo umasa. Tas nag joke ka pa na may secret spell yan na pag nalaman mo na kung ano yung tipo mo di na ma-u-undo. 

Nica. Ang galing mo. LOLS

Nica: haaaaay.. kay rj ka nalang. malapit ma sa inyo nakatira.
Me: HAHAHAHA tae di ko siya trip. tsaka may gelpren na yun. tae naman o.
Nica: ayaw mo yun lagi kayong naggguitar hero.
Me: TAE.
Nica: ay meron nga pala i forgot.


Nica: tae! ano bang type mo sa isang guy reg
Me: ... di consistent e. 
Nica: physically at ung non physical
Me: tae nica. Sa dalawang ex ko at sa ngayon, walang consistent quality e. Parang nagcchange preferences ko over time. alsdjflaj malabo talaga ako.

Tae. Oo nga. Ano ba talaga tipo kong lalake? Nica naman binigyan mo pa ko ng pag-iisipan ngayon. Bat nga ba ganun. :\


Screening and reservation of thesis advisers. Very tiring.

Bombee and Jihan went over early today. Hitched to UST. Arrived there at 7:30, I think. Screening time would start at 9am. And there's a long line already building up outside the college building when we got there. Met up with Aizel, Edric, Billie Jean, Colleen, and Rani. Ja and Rusty were already there when I arrived. Paul and Jerik arrived there at 6:30. The line started to build up at 5am. They said so. :\

Don't ask the details. Very tiring.

Got in a photo thesis class under Prof. Nady Nacario. Thank God. She was one of my choices (the other one Sir Ken Torres.) Sir Son screened me. He's scaring me a bit. He didn't say anything about my portfolio. He just asked what my topic would be, and bid me good luck after the "interview" process. 

I'm officially a senior now. An academic year more and I'm officially unemployed. 

Aaaanyway. Bombee, Jihan, Nica and Macci went over. Ate sushi and sashimi and maki for lunch. Played Guitar Hero (again and again) and Macci's first time was great. XD Jihan and Macci practiced Through The Fires And Flames on medium with me. Greaaaat. RJ went over too. fun fun.

Novena to St. Therese of the Child Jesus. 
Lord God, you still love me. :) Thank you.



Date today: May 16. 

17, 18, 19, 20... 21!!!! 5 days to go until reservation for thesis advisers. And guess what. I HAVEN'T FINISHED MY PORTFOLIO YET HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO
Plus, I heard that we have to submit proposals by friday. ;_;

Last week was very busy. So busy that I'm already forgetting what I did that week.


Oh, oh. Wednesday, Bombee and Jacqs dropped by. Inom. Yes. I'm starting to drink. And I don't think I'm allergic. Not anymore. hohoho. But I only drank a little. I have to get really, really better. I'm still coughing and my morning allergies are still here. Boo global warming. Boo.

Thursday. Oh. THE Thursday. Terrance and Paul told us that they'd treat us. So we met up at McDonald's Tomas Morato. The Mcdo with the HUUUUUUUUUGE French Fries design thingy. Bombee and Jihan picked me up. Yay. Along the way, we planned to watch Star Trek at Trinoma after the treat at Mcdo. We decided to take Pabs, Terrance and Paul along. But yeah. Paul and Terrance wanted us to go to the "seminar". We already told them that we weren't interested. Nagtampo ata sila. EWAN. BASTA. Ended up hanging out at Bombee's place till 7pm. Bombee dropped me off at home. Thanks, Bom. :D

Friday. Ja and Edric came over. We planned a photoshoot, but we ended up playing lots of Guitar Hero, Tekken and Naruto (while Edric was busy watching Boys over Flowers. GAY.) It was Ja's first time here. Fun fun fun. She left her watch. XD Why do people forget their stuff on the first time they come here? It's either that or it rains really hard. XD LULZ.

Saturday. Hmm. Went to hear mass. Ate dinner at Zenshou. ZOMG EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN JAPANESE. And it's waaaaaaaaay better than Saisaki. \o/ Then ate yogurt after that. Oh, I had a creative rush an hour before leaving for Mass. I had to sketch and start everything before I forget. WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAPPEN THIS WAY? D:

Btw. I just realized something. How my memory works.

I can vividly remember memories that happened at least 5 years back, but I easily forget stuff that just happened. Fail. XD


I'm back home from my final check up. :)

Here's the deal. I'm fine for now, but I'm still a potential carrier of TB. If I get sick soon -- sick, as in fever, chills, loss of appetite, weight loss, and coughing -- I have to go back and have everything checked and have an xray taken. If I don't get sick, I have to go back after 3 months (August 8, 2009) and have my xray taken again to compare it with my xray now. 

Anyway, I'm okay. I can still go to school. AND THESIS. XD


Mother's day || EVERYBODY IS SICK.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Went to hear mass at the PMIC. The one beside Bombee's house. XD The mass was incredibly quick. The homily was done in 5 minutes. LOLS

Anyway. I think Dad's sick too. He has an upset stomach and he feels weak. Mom's feeling weak too. GRAWR. What is happeniiiing. D:

My PPD test is turning purple. I guess it's because my skin's bruised from the needle. :\ No redness or anything, which I think is good.. I hope. :(

God. Please do not let me have TB or Tumors or whatever. CURE US PLEASE. D:

I want to do my thesis. :(

I never thought I'd want to do my thesis this much. 


Went back to get my 2nd xray results today. And there are still suspicious spots on my chest area. 

The doctor requested a Mantoux screening test/ PPD (Purified Protein Derivative) test. It's a diagnostic test for tuberculosis. Click the link if you want to read more about it. Anyway, the results will show up in three days. I have to go back to the clinic on Tuesday to have it analyzed. But this test is done only to be sure. The doctor said that the spots on my lungs could be scars from past infections and diseases. I am asthmatic and I'm very prone to pulmonary/respiratory infections. I'm just hoping now that they're just scars. 

If I turn out to be TB positive, I can't go outside the house for a month or two. But resevation for Thesis advisers are coming up. Enrollment is coming up. THESIS YEAR IS COMING UP. How can I stay inside, confined and all in a month if everything important is going to happen in a month? I CAN NOT AFFORD TO HAVE TUBERCULOSIS.





Went back to the doctor today for her to examine my xray results.

And there's a possibility that I may have Tuberculosis. :|

It started as lumps on my neck that I soon discovered as Kulani. My lymph nodes are swollen up due to infection. Infection that we do not know what. I'm not having any colds or cough. So why they're swollen up, I do not know. The doctor was also suspecting Lymphatic Tuberculosis. And she said that if it doesn't disappear in a week, I'll have a biopsy.


So I went back. 

My lymph nodes are a bit smaller compared to how they were two days ago. But the x-ray showed that I may have TB. ;_; nooo~

So the doctor requested another x-ray to be taken. D: Gah. Two x-rays in a week. She wanted to rule out Tuberculosis. I DO NOT WISH TO HAVE TB. But I saw the spots on my x-ray. I'll go back tomorrow to see the results. 

Okay. TB is curable now. But it will take 6 months. At least six months. It's May now and thesis year is coming. I can still go to school but it depends on my condition. But still. It's going to eat up a lot of my dad's earnings. AND I'll be doing my thesis too. I do not wish to become a burden to this family. Come on. Please.


Call the doctor, very quick

I went to a doctor today.

I recently discovered a new lump on my neck. It's on the right side, about an inch below my ear. I discovered the first one a few months ago, about February or March. My lymph nodes are swollen, and the doctor prescribed me with antibiotics that I would be taking for a week. Twice a day. Aside from that, I had my chest-neck xray taken too. The doctor wasn't sure if it's plain Kulani or if I have lymphatic TB. She said that if we won't find any improvement in a week, they'll have a biopsy operation on my neck to find out what this is. 

So yeah, I'm sick again. I just hope I get well soon. I really don't want this to be cancerous or anything really serious. 



May 4. Go to Trinoma at 12nn and meet up with Paul and Terens. Powerbooks Trinoma.
May 5. Lunch date with Brian Lee and Rosette.
May 6. Photoshoot with Ja and Edric. Paul also plans to come over and shoot too.
May 7. Lunch at Katips with Jihan and Bombee. I hope Nica comes too.

All the plans you see are posted on my Plurk.

Today is the 5th.

Yesterday, I met up with Paul and Terens at Trinoma. Went there at 12. Wandered in Powerbooks for a few minutes. Texted Paul because he wasn't there. HE WAS IN TOYS R US LOOKING AT TOYS. Terens texted. He just woke up. He arrived at 2. Paul got to pay for his downpayment on his Chris Redfield at TheaterWorx. 

And today, all my plans are gone. The lunch we planned got moved to a dinner date instead. Rosette still had stuff to do today and she would be coming from the Chinese General Hospital. So we were supposed to meet at 8pm instead at SM The Block. Then dad said that we were going to go to his office later this afternoon. I had to cancel off the dinner date. 

Tomorrow's photoshoot is cancelled too. Ja has to run errands for her Mom.

For Thursday's plans, well, I hope they're still on. 


Or maybe I'm jinxed. :\


Hmm. Too Much Sugar.


Went to Taytay, Rizal this afternoon. Dad decided to have a surprise visit to the house and the caretakers. Thankfully, the weather was fair enough for me to take photos. I'll upload them after this weekend. I'll post photos of King (our dalmatian.) :3 I texted Hanna if she were home in Taytay, but no reply. Too bad. Wanted her to come over and make her my model. hohoho Evil plans. But she did not respond. rawr.

We went back home to pick up my sisters. We headed off to Trinoma. Dinner at BurgerKing. (I LOVE BurgerKing) and watched XMen Origins. Hooray Wolverine. But I think I took in too much sugar that evening. The sugar made me think of stuff during the movie. Like associating some of the scenes and moves to.. anime and movies. Or maybe because my sister was hyper too. 

There's this scene in the forest with Sabertooth's claw marks on the tree. I was like, "TWILIGHT."

There's this scene in the alley, and I was like, "HARRY POTTER."

There's this battle scene, and I was like, "KAGEBUNSHIN. NARUTO."

Okay. I shall stop now. Sugar still not out of my system.

Okay. I seriously need to be sleeping nao. It's *checks the clock* 1AM. Have to wake up at 5. Dad planned a trip to Montalban, Rizal with Tito Thad, my sister's ninong who think I'm his godchild. coolnees. XD 

Anyway. We're off to Montalban to hang out and swim. SWIM. FINALLY SOME VACATION. "VA-CA-TION." Right. I should sleep. I haven't fixed my things yet. GREAT. 

Okay. Will go to bed.


OH OH OH. The big spiders are breeding again. I found one at the dining room when we got home. The big brown spiders that are really fast and when you approach them they will run at you and run after you. GREAT. 

Okay. Goodnight.