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Guess what, I'M SICK AGAIN

So, yesterday I had my follow-up check-up with my favoritest favorite doctor. (She's all cute and bubbly and hyper. I like herrr. :3) Well, regarding my tonsils, turns out I need another week of antibiotics to clear up the remaining pus in my tonsils. Yuck, I know. How the hell that happened? Weather, pollution, and I don't know. Oh well. We have to take my tonsils out as soon as the infection clears up since it's pretty much recurring. The bacteria and virus could make its way down to my heart. Oh my poor heart, damaged by silly bacteria deciding to attack my tonsils. Really. I google-d everything up, and as my doctor told me, I could develop heart disease. As if random panic attacks and palpitations aren't enough. Really, I'm tired of being sick and unhealthy and weak. WEAK. :| *sigh*

So anyhoo, I'm excited. I wanna get my tonsils out and be better soon. Btw, the operation will be bloody. So I have to be ready for it. No more missing scheduled meds. No sweets for a month. Just water, water, and lots and lots of water. I'll be either at UST Hospital or Medical City (not sure which Medical City) prolly next week. I'll update after my third check-up.

This also means I can't go jobhunting yet. I have to get better before I look for jobs. :( Money.