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Hello. Welcome to my Happy Blog! I'm a Student - Visual Artist - Photographer. (And I'm dreaming to become a tattoo artist soon.)

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strange update

Hello bloggie. <3

My tonsillectomy went great. Today's my 4th day after the operation and I can say I am recovering quite well. I still feel pain, but really not as much as it hurt during the first couple of days after the operation. I'm doing okay, though I still can't eat much (nor speak nor laugh for that matter), and I'm still not allowed to gag or cough. (Yea. I feel like I'm not human for a week.) I'm on a cold liquid diet (I'm not allowed to eat hot/warm food) for at least 10 days (and it includes ice cream. LOTS OF ICE CREAM.) I'm kinda sick of having just soup, so I'm trying to eat noodles and oatmeal. I think I'm growing a little weak from my diet. But I've lost 5lbs in 4 days. TRUDAT!

Oh, oh, oh. Today is my Nanay(lola)'s birthday. Happy birthday Nanay. I really miss you. I wish you could've been around to see me now. I know I grew up strange, but I think you'll still be proud of me. I love you. <3 (P.S. please keep the mumu away. xD)

She's the one who brought me up. Long story. Ayoko magdrama, sa totoo lang. I've been telling that story over and over, and every time I do, feeling ko may paawa effect. And I really don't like that people think I'm telling that story just because I want to be pitied on. Oh no, I hate being weak in everyone's eyes. I'm too tired of seen as someone who's weak.

ANYHOO. I'm still recovering but I did a photoshoot today. And I have tons of photos to edit starting tomorrow. Tralala. I also wanna go to UST and attend class again. I'm so rusty. I wanna go to school just to do something creative. I MISS SCHOOL.